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Meet the team: Oscar Pena

Elvira, watch out. Our CEO is determined to get that first chair position on French horn. Start practicing those high scales!

  1. Full Name:

    Oscar Luis Peña
  2. Place of Birth:

    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  3. Favorite Music Genre?

    Deep house, techno, classic rock, indie rock, reggaetón,
  4. Instrument you play or control?

    Anything percussion (drums, triangle, chopsticks on a table, and a mean cowbell)
  5. Background in music?

    Started off playing the French horn in the school band until I realized I could never be first chair with over achiever Elvira on the same instrument. Asked to take the rhythm test for percussion, passed, and spent 3 years playing a little bit of everything: drums, xylophone, bells, bass drum, snare drum, timpani, etc…)
  6. What do you do at Sala?

    I’m the CEO at Sala and look into: general strategy, legal matters, define and communicate the vision, prioritize features and resources, align focus, build teams, and have my mind blown by the amount of exceptional / motivated talent we have onboard.
  7. What excites you  most about Sala?

    I’m thrilled we’re building a platform that is creating value for artists, users, venues, and event producers. Artists and producers can create events, perform from wherever they want, place the price they choose for their art, directly connect with fans, and have a more sustainable work / life balance. With regards to venues I think it’s really cool we’re giving them a tool to radically improve their revenue streams by selling virtual tickets and turning their physical venue into a global stage. For users I we’re creating a way to enjoy your favorite live events at a lower price, without travel restraints, and simulating the magical personal connections one has at a physical event.
  8. What is your favorite hobby outside of music?

    I love kitesurfing and playing tennis. Other than that I enjoy a good meal, some drinks in good company, and a good party with a killer artist and fantastic sound.
  9. How has the last year impacted you as an individual?

    Last year changed everything about me. I decided to follow my dreams and launch Sala, a venture I knew nothing about in pursuit of bringing a vision to life, brought me closer to my mother who I was taking care of during COVID, learned to let go of things were beyond my control, and became obsessed with the idea that if we all got to hangout with people from all parts of the world, enjoying music, experiences, chit chatting, we could all become aware that we are all alike and there is much more that unites us than divides us. I want all of us at Sala to always build on that.
  10. Last and most important question: Kittens or puppies and 3 reasons why.

    Puppies. I like the way they smell, I think dogs are truly man’s best friend, and I love the genuine joy they express when they see you. Show us your puppies at Sala!


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