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Introductions are always a difficult thing to do when you’re just starting a blog. For us, it’s an exciting step because it is marking our entry into the artistic world of digital art, performances, and concerts. It’s this part of growing a business that helps us discover who we are, even more. You see, the beginning stages of a company are always so difficult. The idea may be strong but the excitement of where it can go can sometimes leave us twiddling our thumbs as to “how to launch”, back tracking us from our main goals.

For all of us at Sala, we were no different. We had numerous conversations about how we should approach our go to market strategy, the type of direction we wanted focus on. A lot of ideas were written down, added to the weekly notes, and discussed about, but it wasn’t until we went back to our mission that we realized we can’t force the journey. We just have to embrace it.

Today, the team and I are attending SXSW 2021 Online in hopes of sharing our passion for Sala. Our development team has been working tirelessly to bring an idea to life which we feel is a one of a kind experience for both user and artists. We tested, improved, and failed numerous times to the point where we didn’t think it would be a good idea to “launch” at SXSW. With that all said and done, we said what the heck and came to join everyone anyway. Here’s why.

1) Transparency

We hear new companies talking a lot about “transparency” but at Sala we really wanted to emphasize the word by constantly living up to it. With our artists and how we pay them, our users and the experience we hope to give them, and within our team whether it’s a new idea or tackling a problem that needs fixing.

We could have easily skipped this conference but where would the value be in that? Sure it’s ideal to have the product perfected before showcasing it but we all know how impossible that is. All it takes is for one person without a clue to give us a spark for inspiration. This is why transparency is so essential to our growth. We value the community we are trying to serve and your feedback is essential to our direction and growth.

2) Artists

Our platform is meant to serve the artist first. Period. There are no middle vendors or service providers we need to pay out before you receive your share. What you create and make on Sala, is authentically yours. Our fees are structured to benefit artists first and help emerging talent build a solid stream for their income eco-system.

3) Passion

Social distancing and being locked up is what brought us together. Our common passion for music and live events is what kept us here. We all share the same sentiment when it comes to Sala, and that is constantly bettering ourselves, our talents, and our platform to make the experience truly something different for everyone while helping them continue pursuing their own dreams.

The first day of SXSW was definitely something to take in. We experienced some of the most diverse and thought provoking topics and we can’t wait to see what the rest of the week brings.

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