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Meet the team: Ivan Pena

What better way to introduce ourselves as Sala – the new and upcoming live music platform aimed to disrupt the music industry and help artists – then to have a corny year book style interview of each member of our team. Yes, yes… we know. How cliché! But the reality is, that we strive on transparency and our team roster are the same artists looking for help in an industry that does not support them.

First up, we have our CMO and 6 string thrasher taking the spotlight.

  1. Full Name:

    Ivan Peña
  2. Place of Birth:

    Santo Domingo, DR, currently living in Atlanta, GA
  3. Favourite Music Genre?

    80s Synth Pop, New Wave, Indie Pop, 90s West Coast Punk, Progressive Rock, Drum and Bass
  4. Instrument you play or control?

    Guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, vocals
  5. Background in music?

    I made my first bedroom demo at 2 years old, singing my favorite tunes to my tape recorder. I grew up at my uncle’s record store, making mixed tapes. First instrument was the piano at age 6. My mom taught me “Ode to Joy” by Beethoven on the guitar a year or two after that. Fast forward to 1999, when I started a band in Gainesville, FL called Soulfound. We toured the US, played festivals, did national TV slots and scored a show for MTV. I started Mohawk Bomb Records in 2007 to release our music and ended up putting out 3 compilations, 1 full length and 2 EPs. After Soulfound broke up in 2009, I played in multiple projects – Redlight Stare, Rise of Saturn, The Dearly Depraved, Bad Judgment Week – and did session work. I fancy myself a songwriter, producer and arranger. Sampling of my musical legacy on Spotify,
  6. What do you do at Sala?

    I am the CMO and am tasked with our User Acquisition and Monetization strategy.
  7. What excites you  most about Sala?

    Helping artists, venues and promoters diversify their income streams and help get more music out into the world.
  8. What is your favorite hobby outside of music?

    Spending time with my family and working out.
  9. How has the last year impacted you as an individual?

    The last year kept me home and made me really work at improving my relationship with my kids and wife. It also let me enjoy some downtime and reflect on what was important to me. Also, it took me out of my home for 20 years – Tampa Bay, FL – and brought me to Atlanta, GA.
  10. Last and most important question: Kittens or puppies and 3 reasons why!

    Both! I have a cat Achilles and a dog Thor, setting the stage for an epic mythology crossover battle!


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