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How do I become an Artist?


I'm the CMO at Sala.Live!

Joining Sala as a concert goer is easy with an email, Facebook login or Google account. From there, creating an Artist account is only a few clicks away.

As an Artist you will be able to:

  • Post a custom profile with external links to other sites
  • Create free, private and premium Events
  • Review event analytics and fanbase metrics

To become an artist on Sala:

  • Open the Sala website and first Sign up as an Attendee.
  • Do your account activation through the email you received.
  • Sign in (login) into your Attendee account and click on the Join Artist Club tab at the top of the screen.
  • Enter all your information as an Artist.
  • Click on Submit and your Attendee account will be converted into an Artist account.
  • Sign in again and create the concerts that you’d like to perform to your audience.


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