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This Sunday, Sala.Live is hosting DJ Sparx and the popular UK house DJ is spinning up a 2-hour set of great dance tunes to make your Sunday Funday as epic as it can be.

DJ Sparx, originally from Holland, is a young professional female DJ who has performed at festivals, for big-name corporations, at private parties for celebrities and at some of the biggest events in the UK. She frequently travels the world and performs in exotic destinations such as Miami, Sri Lanka, Mallorca, La Palma, Italy, Croatia, France and more. She also holds a residency at London’s premier events boat on the Thames, the Yacht London.

Her prominence in the DJ world is shown in the fact that she has amassed over 100,000 followers across different social media platforms. DJ Sparx has also performed live on BBC and has been interviewed live on BBC on several occasions about her career as a full time female DJ. Her remixes have also been played on radio.

We asked DJ Sparx a few questions to get to know her a bit better:

Sala: Happy to have you back livestreaming with us. You have a great following. How did you get into DJing?
DJ Sparx: I’ve always loved music and 7 years ago a friend asked if I wanted to join him at a gig and absolutely loved what he did, so I asked him to teach me how to DJ and since 6.5 years I’ve been performing at my own events.

Sala: That’s a great friend, right there. What do you like most about DJing?
DJ Sparx: The thing I love the most about DJ is to give people a great party and to make them happy. I always try to read the crowd as good as I can to make sure to play all the tunes they love to dance and to make sure everyone has a fabulous time.

Sala: We can definitely see your passion of making people happy in your sets. How does streaming technology like Sala help you connect with your fans?
DJ Sparx: With Sala it’s great to connect with people all over the world and be able to perform for them without travelling to all the different countries. Sala is also great for when live events aren’t possible and people still want to be able to listen to a live DJ set.

Sala: Who are you listening to these days outside of your sets?
DJ Sparx: I love the music Tiesto is bringing out at the moment and also really enjoy listening to R3hab and to Daniel Chase.

Sala: Thank you, DJ Sparx! See you on the platform this Sunday!
DJ Sparx: See you there!

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